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Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New sonogram pics

Hey everyone! I had another sonogram today to check for the "triple screen" and everything was looking healthy and on target. It was so funny b/c this baby is a mover! She had to stop b/c she could not even get a picture of it b/c it was moving so out of control. I fear the things to come : ) But I guess I am prepared to have all overly active children. I had to lay on my side for several min and go to the bathroom and then she tried again. All looks healthy so I just wanted to share the news so you could praise the Lord with us for His goodness in giving us a healthy baby!
The First picture is the profile shot. You can see the head in the middle left. The small indention is the eye and then you can follow it down across the abdomin. This 2nd pic is my favorite. I think it is an excellent personality shot to go along with the busyness. It is a little scary looking like an alien...which is normal, but it was waving (I am sure on purpose : ) so funny! The large dark circle is the brain and the 2 below is the eyes and then the little mouth. So CUTE!!!!


At 6:37 PM , Blogger Angie said...

Is the baby going to be another mover and shaker like Bella? Then again, I guess he/she will have to be if it wants to keep up with Bella!! Here's hoping you have TONS of energy!

At 10:39 PM , Blogger angela said...

Aww, she look just like Bella. (Oops! Did I say she, sorry. I must be thinking of my family)I love the wave! How sweet is that?!

At 7:47 AM , Blogger Kimberlie Reese Denham said...

PTL! Glad to hear that the baby is healthy. How many weeks are you?

At 9:54 AM , Blogger Courtney said...

Looks wonderful! Can't wait to meet Baby Miller!

At 11:27 AM , Blogger Jillina said...

I feel like baby Miller is waving hello to me! :) I'm so glad things are going well. All of you are in our prayers. I can't wait to see how richly God is about to bless you guys!


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