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Monday, June 25, 2007

Finally an update

So, I am well aware of the 6 week break that I have taken from updating you all on what is going on. But honestly, this is the first moment that I have had to breathe in the past 6 weeks. SO much has happened and this will be a marathon read, but I will try to keep it as short as my wordy self can.

May and June have been crazy (understatement) at church! I had to recruit for my summer teachers and for summer spectacular (our VBS) volunteers as well. It all adds up to be about 800 volunteers total. God was so gracious to bring the servants that we needed to serve the kids but as He often likes to do, He reminded me that He was in control and not me by bringing them all at the LAST possible moment. I was trying so hard not to be stressed and remember that He would bring the volunteers b/c I know it is His will that the children learn about Him but I am not good at giving up all control. But I know He is always faithful and helps me through my unbelief. My summer teacher team is amazing and Summer SPectacular was CERTAINLY spectacular! Over the 3 nights of the study of Daniel with the kids and families, we had a total of close to 7500!!!! I have not seen the final count but based on the first nights count and the traffic the second and third night, that is probably pretty close. It is so wonderful to see the families get together and to learn the Power of our God throught the story of Daniel!

June 3 I was in TN at one of my dearest friends, Laura Lee Stockdale, wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL!! and we had a fabulous time! I don't have any pics b/c I took them all on my moms camera, but I will try to upload some soon b/c it was super special to spend great time with my old girls!

My mom and Aunt Connie came and stayed with us a week during summer spectacular to help out with Bella. It was a HUGE blessing! Bella had a great time and I did not feel so guilty leaving her so much b/c I knew that they were getting special time together.

THE BIG NEWS if you have not heard is that we are having ANOTHER GIRL!!! We are so excited! As for now she will be Mary Kate Miller. This is after my precious grandmother Mary Jo. We do carry the disclaimer that it is always subject to change until it is on the birth certificate. Kevin is excited but I think when he thinks about it for a while it is a little overwhelming to think he will be greatly out numbered in hormones : ) Little Miss Mary Kate is a VERY active one! In my sonograms it takes about 30 extra min. b/c they can't get her still to get a picture of her. I am not suprised in any way if you have ever been around Bella. I am just glad that I won't know any different and think that over active children are totally normal. And apparently she has very long legs, which if you know me and Kevin, that is one of those traits that has shown up from past generations, not from the current one. She is an incredible kicker and quite a boxer. We have been feeling her move on the outsid eof my tummy for several weeks. It is such a miracle! I am feeling great and full of joy! I tried to post pics but all of the sonogram pics are so blurry from her active movement you can't tell what anything is.

As for my precious Bella, she keeps me hopping as much as ever. We took swimming lessons with Miss Jody for the past 2 weeks and she has done great! No fear for this little one. And she loves affirmation. After EVERY turn she had to get out and run over to me to say, "did you see me mommy? I did it I did it!" And I have to tell her how very proud I am, which is very true! We are not swimming on our own, but she is only 2 1/2. I hope to see some progress by the end of next summer. For now, we LOVE to swim with a little help.

We are also attempting potty training for the hundreth time...any suggestions anyone? We have tried everything I think! Treats, new panties, special privalidges, major encouragement, stickers, baby goes to the potty now you go, movies, books, all of your friends are doing it, etc. I know that all kids are different but I am SO ready for her to be trained! She goes when she wants several times a day but is the strong willed child that will only go when she is in the mood, not any other time. It will come, but once again, I am ready and not in control : ) We went the other day for some more panties and of coarse she did not want the precious princess panties, it was little boys underware with Nemo for her. I at this point do not care, if she will wear them, and she does, I can work on doing away with underware with a flap later.

Lastly, I would love for you all to check out my friend Christine Pinson's blog. She has been in a battle with her pregnancy for so long and baby Sam has finally arrived safely at 33 weeks. WE praise God for all of the good that He is doing for them. Please pray for their sweet family as we love them dearly!

That is all in a nutshell for now. Thanks for hanging in there for a long update! I will be better at it in the future now that I am not working 50 some odd hours a week! Love you all!!!

Here are some recent pics of our world:
Laura Lee-the beautiful bride, Emily and Leah celebrate before the wedding!

Isabella and Hayley enjoying free time swim after working hard going under with Ms Jody...

Benjamin, Keeley, Bella and Miss Chelsea waiting their turns on the step. Bella had to sit next to Miss Chelsea the whole time to be kept under control to the best that she could...

ANd Bella kickign around the pool on the noodles by herself

And this is what happens when your two year old is sitting right next to you but you are not looking directly at them....Tip for the day, if they are quiet for any period of time (even 10 seconds) check it out...and put the markers higher up on the shelf : )


At 2:20 PM , Blogger Angie said...

That Bella is something else! She's such a cutie! Hope you're feeling well.

At 3:20 PM , Blogger Courtney said...

I know you've been so busy! We're grateful for all the work you ladies did to make Summer Spectacular possible for our families! We're so excited about Mary Kate!

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Becky said...

Oh my! Bella is hillarious!!!!!!! You have been a busy woman! So excited for you that you're having another girl! That's great! Glad that you're feeling good still!

At 7:24 PM , Blogger The Hazlewoods said...

LOVE the name! Mary Kate...I am a bit partial to KATE'S, so that is very exciting! I am so glad that you are doing well and you have an active one. I have one of those as never gets least not yet. Bella is adorable as always...she looks like so much FUN...just like her mama! Take care of yourself and keep us posted. Love you!

At 10:09 PM , Blogger Jillina said...

Ooh Mary Kate Miller - Love it!! I'm so glad everything is going good. Bella gets more beautiful all the time. Love you friend.

At 9:07 AM , Blogger Chesley said...

Bella is the happiest child I have ever seen! I love the blue paint everywhere! She can have fun where ever she is like with her blue paint, in church bathrooms, etc..... :)HE HE HE!!!

Garrett still says bible class, lion, camel, in that order when we drive by church or go in the building. I can't wait for him to experience Jonah next year! Again, you all did such a great job with VBS!

At 3:48 PM , Blogger Kimberly said...

So funny! (her blue face). Thanks for the update!

At 9:19 PM , Blogger Brooks Inc. said...

so precious! Thanks for your sweet message today. You are such a gift from the Lord to so many- so thankful you are my friend!


At 11:39 PM , Blogger mindy tyndall said...

I love Bella....

At 8:03 PM , Anonymous Rachel Warren said...

I love the name Mary Kate Miller! Too precious! Bella does look like a handful. WOW! Love the blue hands picture:)


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