The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Update to all nighters..

So, I wrote the other day about Bella getting in and out of the crib all night. Well, she has continued to do this all week. We have tried everything! Her poor little hinnie has been spanked to pieces (yes, we do spank in our family) and she has sat in numerous time outs and had things taken away and had rewards systems too. Yesterday, we resorted to locking her in her room. It was quite possibly the most hillerious thing we have ever done! She knocked on the door for 40 min calling "Elizabeth, open the door" "Elizabeth, let me out", "mommy daddy, help". SHe was not crying, just demanding and appauled that we would ever do such a thing, so it was very funny. We could hear her opening the closet door just to reassure herself that yes, she still did have the ability to open the doors. Anyway, It worked last night! We went into her room after a while and put her back in bed and explained to her one more time you may not get out of the bed. She stayed in bed until 7 this morning! We will see if we can get it for 2 nights in a row. But today I got so tickled b/c she called for me again at the door when I put her down for her nap for about 20 min. She was quiet for about 15 min and I went to check on her and she was asleep in her toy basket! So funny! I did not take a picture in fear of restarting the cycle. We are shopping one last night for the big girl bed and then making a decision. I am really looking forward to putting her in a big bed! Lots of laughs with this little princess! Any other suggestions on how to handle this problem?

Friday, January 19, 2007

We are alive!

So, I have not blogged since Thanksgiving and most of you probably don't even check it regualarly anymore. So many things have happened since then! My dear friend Melissa Thomas got married! She was the most beautiful bride!

Christmas was great! Everytime Bella saw a present she would dramatically exclaim "Oh! A present for Bella?! Oh I love it! it is so beautiful!" I wonder where she gets it from! She got a Table and Chairs and new art project supplies! We are covered in a variety of colors of markers, paints, stamps, glue, you name it! these days. It is so wonderful!

She is at such a great age right now. She is getting in and out of her crib all by herself. It is quite entertaining to watch her. Can you say, we are procrastinating on the big girl bed? It is coming soon! We are in the shopping process. She woke me up Wed morning at 4:30 am scaring me half to death with her little eyes beaming at me through the dark, "did you have a good nap mommy? do I go to class today? is Hadley going to come play? where is dora? is she on the TV? Let's watch her?...etc. etc....and on and on... just picture the little girl in the volvo commercial that never stops talking. I was laughing through my tears of are you kidding me? She keeps us rolling all of the time. She loves to spin in circles! She spun so much last night that she threw up...I warned her after 30 min of it just following dinner. She said look mommy, I spit out and then continued jumping and hopping and running in circles. I have never seen anything like it! What a joy to have a little buddy like her!
SO, that is the latest on us. We are all well. Work for me is crazy right now. We are starting up a new Sat night worship service and I am trying to find 150 new volunteers for Sat night on top of my current 500! And I am throwing a huge banquet at church for our volunteers next Friday. It is so much fun to honor them for all of thier hard work! I also started teaching Breaking Free in ladies class this semester (remember that Jillina?). I am loveing it! I love all of my ladies. I can't wait to learn with them and break through satan's bondages into Christ's freedom!! I am looking forward to our ski vacation in Feb with my family in Aspen. We are leaving Bella home again with Kevin's parents. It will be tons of fun! I will be better at my updates...not that I can get much worse. Love you all!