The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Comments of the week

This is just a little humor for all of you gals out there. Mindy was with me on Thursday and we got so tickled at how the comments NEVER stop on my belly : ) I had told her how outragous it was and she witnessed it for herself. It is one after another. The funny thing is, it is ALWAYS the most entertaining at church and mostly from women who have children...have they forgotten what happens when pregnant? Just wanted to give you some giggles to ponder on for the day...some people truly amaze me at the lack of filter on their mouth. Thankfully, I am totally comfy in my prego body. I love it! I am glad my belly is growing bigger and bigger b/c it means my baby girl is continuing to grow! Thank you Lord for that! Here we go...
*"you are preeeggggnnaaannt!" (my thought-what was your first clue?)
*while staring at my stomach in close range..."goooood grrrieeff" (my thought-yes, and there is a baby in there, it is called being pregnant)
*the regular..."you are about to pop" (my thought-yes, and if you would like to see my stretch marks it will really make you wonder)
*"when are you due?...oh, you will NEVER make it that long"(Oh yes I surely will and I am sure I will have to be induced too!)
*and for my favorite of the week..."you are BIG! (very simply put) are you allowed to walk when you are that big (it was a serious question)?" (yes, I am! and did you not notice my precious 3 inch stiletto heels that I can still manage to walk in ALL day mind you and carry a toddler and diaper bag at the same time?!...this was obviously a comment from a man...and one that I barely know at that.)

Hope you enjoyed...I will let you know of some others as I recieve them. I am sure they will stack up this weekend as I am working all weekend at church and that is when the fly at their prime! I do get quite a kick out of this! I just think to myself, too bad you did not know me on my first baby when I was 20 lbs ahead of this! You could have really had fun with that! hehhehee : )

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

24 days and counting!

Profile shot (forehead on right and chin to the left)
2nd picture is face staight on with her forehead tilted toward the right

I had my final sonogram yesterday to check and make sure miss Mary Kate is looking healthy and ready to arrive and sure enough she is! I thank the Lord for a healthy little one! She was right at 6lbs already! You may not be able to tell in the pics but one shot is a profile shot and the other is a face shot straight on with mouth open wide (I know if you are not used to seeing these they are very hard to decifer). The Dr said it is almost like she is laughing in all of her pics. I am sure she is b/c I know she is a happy girl! The only suprising news we recieved is that of her "big head". I will say I am a little nervous about this one. If any of you moms out there experienced it, any advice would be great : ) Apparently she is measuring a week ahead of schedule in general but her head is measuring 2 weeks ahead of her body. Dr said it would even out eventually but not looking forward to the delivery portion. I already asked Kylie to make me some extra big bows for proportion : ) My original "due date" is Oct 27 (which they are not changing) but she said if I had not had her by the 20th she is inducing...thus the 24 days! OH MY that is soon! So, I am pretty ready. I have a few more clothes to wash but if she came today I would be ready as could be! We are super excited and Bella keeps asking about her.

As for my sweet Bella, she woke up this morning and I said, "did you sleep good?" and she looked at me and said "yes, but I really was missing you". Ok, kids are the best! Love that sweet precious gift and I can't wait to get another one! Talk to you all soon! God bless!

Here are some nursery is hard to capture the full view but I hope you can get an idea. I love it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

May I add a thought...

I just dropped Bella off at school and recieved one of "those comments". This tiny girl in all spandex - biking shorts and spandex workout top- that looked so cute saw me and said, "oh, another me! you waddle just like I do". OK, first of all, I could not even tell she was pregnant, secondly, yes, I am well aware of the waddling, thank you as you bounce very cutely in your tennis shoes. Oh, to bounce so cutely myself : ) Believe I would GREATLY frighten the neighbors if I wore that! (she looked great in it of coarse) Don't think I will even fit into the spandex post prego : )

Busy week

So since I have last written, I have much to say. All of the blogs written in my head the past 2 weeks have yet to make it to the computer..anyone relate?

So, last update I raved of the Dr that helped us out in Destin...since then, I have changed my tune quite a bit! That Monday, after I wrote my blog on Sunday, I took Bella to her normal pediatrician b/c he wanted to follow up on her since she had seen someone else, very thankful for him. He checked her out and what the Dr - who should not be in practice in Destin- called allergies, was a case of double ear infection and walking pneumonia! I knew she was not herself but thought, if the Dr says allergies, it must be. She had almost recovered by the time we returned home but still had evidence of it (so do not fear fellow moms that she has played with your children). My amazing pediatrician, Dr Tran, said it was a good thing my dad had put her on an antibiotic or it would have been bad! The Destin Dr. said she had wax build up in her tubes, Dr Tran said it was puss that was clogging them and had been there for the week and no wonder she had such a bad plane ride. The Destin Dr said, "her chest is clear". Dr Tran heard the rattling that he said was some that was left over from the week. Moral of the story, a good pediatrician is a huge blessing! and never doubt your mommy instincts : ) She is now better and on high dose of antibiotics trying to clear out her tubes. I will let you know next week about the follow up.

As for the big events in our lives, Bella started back to preschool last week. Oh what a big girl! I can't believe she will be 3 in two weeks! She LOVES school and has wonderful teachers this year. I am somewhat sad b/c they had to separate her from some of her favorite friends from last year. There were 3 of them that were trouble makers together and they had to all go their separte ways...not suprised and I do get a kick out of it. She is doing great and I adore her teachers!

She also had her debue moment as a cheerleader! Her big cousin Maylen-who she thinks hung the moon and can't get enough of- cheered with her. It was the cutest thing in the world! Those girls are so precious together! She only speaks now of going to the ballgames and needing to practice her cheerleading. She tells me she is going to her room to practice and I will peek in and she is trying to do funny! I do appreciate, as a mom, the precious Jr High girls that invite her out to participate with them. It really means so much! And Uncle Daren (Kev's brother) is the coach so she can't wait to go and cheer him on too. Bella adores her family!

My dearest of girlfriends also hosted a precious shower for Miss Mary Kate (we missed you Calista!). We actually did a desert party at my house which worked out great! I did not have to transport things and it was best since we did not know if I would still be on bedrest or not. Did I mention that I have taken myself off of that? I told my Dr and she was ok with it and said at least I was honest. I am NOT good at it and admire anyone who truly does it for a long period of time. Due date is in 5 weeks but Dr Robert has said if I have not had her in 4 weeks, she is going to induce...that is SOON! So, I am busy washing all of Bella's old things and some of MK's new things to get ready. I will post nursery pics after I get everything washed and picked up from the room (lots of baby laundry sorted in there). I am growing by the day and so is MK. I have a sonogram on Tues and I will post pics if they get any good ones. They think (not for sure) she may be close to 5 lbs now and 18 inches long...I sure feel every bit of it! And have begun to recieve the "you must be due any day...really!, you have that much will never make it twins? You must be miserable...etc" I actually feel great and I am ok with it being several weeks away. I am one of those that many hate, I LOVE to be pregnant! I am so sad that it is almost over even if I am a little uncomfy, it is so worth it! So, count down is on! My hands are profusly sweating as I type this in awe and nervousness : ) I am trying to soak my precious Bella up for all she is worth b/c I know I am not going to have this alone time with her as I normally have, but I thank God that He is adding another daughter into our lives so that our love can grow even greater!

I am not sleeping great, going to the bathroom like 5 times a night and MK is like clock work on when she wakes up. She is just getting me on her schedule : ) Bella has been getting up a lot too. She is ready to go about 4 am...not fun! So, we are a little tired around here but just getting ready for being a lot tired : ) Love you all! Enjoy pics from our past 2 weeks....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Home and Refreshed

Well, to my dismay, we have returned from the beach. I could live there in a heartbeat! It is my favorite place that the good Lord has created for me to enjoy! Now, don't get me wrong, I do love me some snow-skiing and mountains, but there is just something to be said about sitting in my little chair with my feet in the sand listening to some Michael Buble and the waves crashing in and sipipng on my Pina Colada (non alcoholic I add for all you skeptics : ). Oh how I long to return!

It started out rough. We left Sat morning and got on the plane and as soon as we took off Isabella started going NUTS with her ears! As much as we fly, she has NEVER been in such pain. I was a basket case, but once again, my amazing Kevin to the rescue! He rocked, walked and held her as she screamed, sweated and shook and cried in pain as I have never seen her do. He finally got her calmed down about the longest 30 or 40 min of my life! I reflected on it a lot this week on how it hurts so bad when your children hurt and there is nothing you can do to make it stop. I don't think you ever understand the pain your parents speak of until you are one. I thought of how our heavenly Father feels when we hurt and He cradles us in His loving arms as we walk through fires. So, anyway, we got her on an antibiotic and ear drops as soon as we arrived to help with the oncoming ear infection. She felt better through the week but never really was herself. We had to take turns staying with her in the room a lot so she could rest (she would take like 4 hour naps!!!) I took her to a Dr in Destin who was GREAT and he said that all looked clear by TUes and to carry on as normal. It was just her allergies. I am so tired of hearing this! I have an appt with her pediatrician on Monday to see if we can get to the bottom of these allergies. It is causing way too many issues.

Anyway. We had an amazing time. I ate enough for all of you reading this and then about 100 times more. I am pretty sure I have gained like 10 pounds this week. I am trying to eat salads and get back on healthier thoughts than fried seafood before my appt on Tues.

Isabella loved the beach as much as me! Kevin loves it too but if he had to choose you would find him on the slopes in Aspen. We had a MAJOR accomplishment of Bella learned how to swim this week!!!! You got it! "Ms Jody woud be so proud" she would say (jody Allison her swim teacher). She is not totally on her own but can go about 15 feet by herself. She smiles so big while swimming she swallows half of the pool comes up for a good cough and then is ready to go again! I cannot believe it! My internal thought was to have her swimming by the end of next summer (older threes) but this summer, NO WAY! She was so proud of herself! I will get the pics on later this week. My mom has them b/c my camera ran out of batteries that day...of coarse! But I am SO proud of my precious little fish! She may not be completely potty trained, but my goodness she can swim : )

Some quotes of the week of hers. She is learning that using her manners can get her about anything : ) so now everytime I ask her something in a yes or no form. She replies,
"no, but thank you though" and bats her little eyes with such satisfaction. She is a little con artist at many points b/c I just melt! and she knows it! There was a dead locust on the side of the pool and she proceeded to tell everyone laying out around us that it had just run out of batteries and just needed some new ones. She has moved on from not only calling me Elizabeth but to calling everyone else by their first name too as my mom is "Pam" and my dad is "Vance" etc. We had many threats of discipline and many follow throughs as well. I caught her letting her baby doll have it one time, "Now, make your choice do you want a spanking or do you want to obey?". The worst is the faces she makes and the firmness in her voice, do I really look and sound that bad??? She would strip down as we left the beach to NOTHING and it took all I had to get her in a cover up to walk through the hotel. She did not like the sand on her if she was not playing in it. so we would stand at the shower stations just off of the beach with her naked as can be just taking a shower. It was quite interesting how she would continue to ask stangers if she could use their shower when I would not turn one on for her...all in her natural state of coarse. I promise this girl would be naked all day everyday if someone would let her.

Well, that is all for now. I am getting BIG and only have 47 days to go!!! I pulled out those clothes from when I was pregnant with Bella that I thought, surely I won't wear those this time...oh but I can! OH MY!!! Can't wait! Miss Mary Kate is just over 4 lbs now and 17 inches long. And I sure feel like it too! Can't wait to meet her!

Here are some vacation pics. Of coarse I am having trouble getting the captions to go where the should, so here is a short description:
Brent and my hottie sis-in-law Meghan
One of the few family photos we got. Bella is in this weird stage of smiling silly. Can't get her to not. I know all kids go through it.
Bella playing on the beach
My mom and Bella watching the fireworks show on the beach. My dad and I wondered who was having more fun, mom or Bella? But Bella LOVED the fireworks she was ultra dramatic "it's gorgeous, it's beautiful, I just can't believe how wonderful!"...don't know where she gets it from :)
Dad and Bella, they had a great time together! She is Papa's little buddy!