The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

OK, so now that I have updated you on life with Mary Kate, here are some fun pics of my Bella. She wanted to be (and I encouraged her) a cheerleader for Halloween. You have seen the previous pics of her cheering, she LOVES it! So, this was a great way for us to get dressed up and not have to work too hard. Our fave cousin Maylen was also a cheerleader and we thought that was the greatest thing ever!!! I also took some pics of my little spooks this morning as sisters. Poor Mary Kate is not quite strong enough to hold herself up against her big sis but Bella does the best job at loving on her! She thinks it is the greatest thing in the world to hold "her baby" as she calls her. I LOVE having little princess pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Mary Kate at 2 weeks

These girls look so much alike! This is Mary Kate in Bella's Halloween outfit and the next pic is one of my all time FAVES! of Isabella, Hayley and Ava on our first trip to the pumpkin patch. Can you believe how much they look alike??? Mary Kate would not wake up for the pic but you can still get the idea.

Well, we have made it to the 2 week marker and I feel that this is managable. Although, my mom is still here, thank the Lord, and if you ask me next week, I may tell you differently. But as for now, all of my anxiety of shifting family life from family of three to family of four has subsided. This is do-able! Not to excuse away any feelings of I would really love some sleep, but I can handle it. Mary Kate is an amazing baby. If all babies were this good, I think that I would have several more! She sleeps in 3 to 4 hour segmanets at night already (that is after feeding her too!!) which I can totally do! Bella I would only get about 45 min of sleep in between feeding her if I was lucky, but MK is a much more laid back and sleeping baby. I am not quite sure how to handle this. She is still a very determined one though. Last night, on her 2 week bday, she was ALREADY rolling from tummy to back! and the first week we were home she could almost get from her back to tummy. She just gets her arm caught under her but she definatly throws herself on her side! She may be milder tempered but she has Bella's strength and determination! We were excited b/c at our Drs appt yesterday in 1 week she had gained 12 oz!!! putting her at 7 lbs 6 oz! What a little chunk! So, if you are wondering, she eats like a champ! I am LOVING having my 2 girls. Isabella sings to Mary Kate nonstop. Her favorite is singing "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart". It is the most precious thing I have ever seen or heard! She loves her baby sister so very much! Now, don't let me fool you, we have our tantrum moments and times when she is really testing me, but overall, she has taken the change with much grace and love! I know you are all really just interested in the pics, so here they are. I can drive now and I am itching to get out and about so I hope to get back in the swing this week! Love you all!
This is Mary this hereditary???

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Pics

Happy Anniversary! Welcome Home!

So, our 4th anniversary was spent this year bringing home the number 4 addition to our family. What a wonderful gift! Sorry I got behind on updating, the internet went down in the hospital and then we have been on go since we have gotten home Thurs afternoon. All is going well. We are delighting in our family of four! It has been such a blessing!

Mary Kate is an absolute angel. I ahve never seen a better baby! She eats like a champ, and I have to wake her up everytime to feed her...even in the night! She only cries every once in a while. We took her to her 4 day check up and she was slightly jaundis(no idea how to spell) but it is not bad enough to put her under the lamp. We just have to set her in front of the windows during the day and that has really helped. I know the day is coming when it is hard, but as for now, this is totally managable.

Bella is the sweetest most precious big sis in the world! She is so interested in Mary Kate in a sweet way. If she makes a peep, Bella comes running and says "Mommy, Mary Kate needs you". Kevin and I took Bella to get a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch yesterday so the three of us could spend a little time together. Went pretty well except she did not want to leave the bounce house. But we did choose a pumpkin and had some good 3some Q.T.

Funny Bella stories of late: For her 3rd birthday she got a fisher price digital camera from my brother Brent and Meghan. If you do not have one for your little one, it is a must have! She somehow last weekend snuck it into church and pulled it out during communion Sunday morning and took pics of everyone during communion. It was so funny b/c she kept going where none of us could get to her. They dim the lights so the flash was going off like crazy. It was quite entertaining. Now she likes to use the camera at my most vulnerable times. Like when I am going to the bathroom (all of you moms know what a process that is the first few weeks) and when I am nursing MK. So, thank goodness for digital cameras that the pics can be deleted from!

So, enough talking and updating. Here are some pics of the girls. It will take a few posts to get them all on. Love you all and thanks for all of the prayers and calls and encouragement!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mary Kate has arrived!

Well, she is here! And it is no trick this time! I went to my appt yesterday w/Dr Robert and my blood pressure was high. She kept me for a while and checked three times and it never dropped, so she sent me upstairs with papers in my hands to order an induction....wooohooo! I was pumped. I could not get a hold of Kevin b/c he was on a sales call but finally did about 40 min later. My mom and dad hopped on the 6:40 flight to DFW and made it for the big arrival. I moved really slow for a while. Started my petocin at 3:30 and broke my water at 4:30. Got my epidural at 6:30. I stayed at a 4 and 100% until 10:30 and by 11:10 I was at a 10 and ready to push. My epidural was not in full force so I was really feeling it. It just took the edge off which was great. I was dying to go and I had to wait for Dr Robert which took about 10 min...longest 10 min ever! and breathe through not pushing when she was about to hit the floor.. Pushed for 2 min and she was out! So the stats are 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She looks a lot like Bella as a newborn but has some good black hair. She was born at 11:28 pm so she is an Oct 16th baby! She is eating well so that is encouraging. I am doing Great!! I am a little sore (obviously) but God was so sweet to keep me safe and well and Mary Kate as well. So here are the pics, what you really care about. I have not seen her a lot so we will post some additional pics today that are better, but here is a sneak peak! Love you all and thank you for your prayers. God is good and faithful. I give Him all praise and glory for our new arrival. We commit to Him to raise another daughter for His kingdom purposes.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Last family of 3 pics!

Jenn took some great pics of Bella and our family yesterday as we get ready for the arrival of Mary Kate. Now, I am well aware of my hugeness, but I LOVE that it is my sweet baby girl Mary Kate that is all grown! And I am actually within my target weight (not so much like with Bella). Please know that the angles shot were purposely to show "big Belly" and that yes, I did choose to wear polka dots, a cardinal nono rule if you are trying to look slimmed down. But there are some great shots of our family and Bella for her 3 yr old pics. Hope you enjoy! I am about to pop...really : ) Went to the Dr today and she said I am well on my way and could be anytime from this point on! I schedule my induction date next Tues, so I will let you all know when that is!!! It is quickly approaching!!!! For pics go to...
enter site
choose proofs at bottom of page
password is: elizabeth

Monday, October 01, 2007

Thoughts of my Bella

My sweet Isabella has been cracking me up today and I thought I would share. This morning on the way to school, we called Mimi (my mom) like always to say hi. Well, I have always wondered what kids think about talking on the phone and Bella let me know what she thinks...she held the phone close to her shouting "Mimi, are you in there?" "Mimi,are you in those buttons?" She was very concerned about her miniture mimi that was stuck inside of my cell phone behind the buttons. We tried to explain that Mimi was in TN not inside of the phone but an almost 3 yr old does not quite get that : )
I went by her class to peek in on her as I always love to do while I am at work and her teacher, Ms Jill (whom I adore!!!), said that on the playground today a little boy that is a little roudy went up to Bella and just growled really loud in her face. She said most of the girls shy away and whine / cry when he does that but not Miss Bella, she said she looked at him and just growled right back in his face as loud a she could and sent him on his way. Ms Jill told me there is no need to worry about her, she holds her own.
And while I am speaking of Ms Jill, may I tell you why I love her so much. Today I was walking by their class and she said Bella was on the potty trying to poop (still has not happened) and Ms Jill was standing there with her doing a cheer about Poop in the potty and then asking if Bella needed a book and encouraged her to take her time as she cheered her on, you can do it! I love that her teachers are so amazing and cheer her on in Everything just like I would and do. How blessed are we by Young Childrens World!!!