The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Here it is...can't miss it!

Hey everyone! After requests I am bravely posting belly pics (I apologize for lack of cuteness but it has been a long weekend). I don't know what it is about the 2nd time around (for me at least) my body is acting like I am 90! It is doing all of the ugly things that I by passed the first pregnancy and felt so cute! I have really "popped out" as several have begun to comment. I feel pretty good considering! I am in my 26th week and I can't believe how fast it is going this time. It seems as though my appts with my OB come around and I think I have just gone to see her. We have officially decided to name her Mary Katelyn but she will be called Mary Kate. We loved the name Katelyn and it was a front runner for Bella's first name so we figure, why not use it? She is a VERY active one. I must say that I am not shocked by any means and to be quite honest if I did have a calm one, I don't know if I would konw what to do! She is on the move constantly! Jayce and I watched my tummy move during small group last night (slight distraction from the video Bible study) but it is just crazy how much she is on the go. At my 24 week appt. the nurse was laughing b/c every time she tried to listen to the heartbeat, Miss Mary Kate did not enjoy it apparently and you would see her "knocking or kicking" from the inside of my tummy all around where the doppler was wherever she moved it. Guess she knows she has a big sister who she is going to have to fight for some attention from! Speaking of, little miss Bella thing is non stop all of the time (no change). She talks so much that sometimes I just start laughing b/c I think, will she ever take a breath? We continue to potty train and it is going much better. She does not like panties and we have bought a million different kinds (and let her pick them out). But I don't care for the moment as long as she goes in the potty. She has not ventured more than tete ...any suggestions for the other? We have many bribes on the table pending she will go but it is not enough for her. She makes Kev and I leave the room for her to "go all by myself". We peek in the door and find her reading books on the funny! We got caught taking a pic of her. Her most recent learning is that of whistling. If kev and I are not paying attention she will shout "hey you guys (insert whistle better than mine) I said..."She does not let us miss a thing! We laugh all day long after catching our breath from chasing her. Her fave game is hide and seek and we play SEVERAL times a day. The great part about it is whether she is the hider or the seeker, she can't wait once it is ready or not here I come and she is off to reveal herself! SO I rarely have time to hide or if she is hiding, she never stays long.
Not much going on for now. Just busy recruiting at work for my school year teachers...all 558 of them! I will be in TN next week so I would love to catch up with some of you! It will be my last trip until Mary Kate is here! Love you all!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Last set of pics...

More pics from the wedding...

Brent, Meghan, Dad, Mom, Me and Kevin...happy birthday sweet Kevin!

Brent and Kevin were "putting out the vibe"

Lori Mycoskie 7.7.07

Bride's cake and Lori gives a toast!

Lori's family Julie, mom Cheryl, Lori and Ashley

Groom's Cake was a guitar for was awesome and delicious!

I know several of you are waiting to see the pics from Lori's wedding, so, here it goes! It was SO BEAUTIFUL! and tons of fun! We started out on Friday with a lingerie shower for her and then went to rehearsal and then to the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at this beautiful home outside under the oak trees. They served steak and chicken. They had lots of speeches and a slide show. Lori looked so beautiful and I of coarse missed a pic of her that night. I will try to get one from her to share later. My mom and dad came up and Brent and Meghan..full house at the millers and it was a blast!Saturday was the big day and we started out with an 11 o'clock luncheon. We then had a couple of hours to get ready and were at the church by 5. She looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her. And if you can't tell by the pics, she is super skinny these days. They did not see each other before the ceremony so it was slightly emotional, but considering, they held it together very well. After the ceremony in a gorgeous old church in downtown fort worth, the guests had a cocktail reception at Bass hall (our preforming arts center) while we took pics. Then everyone moved to the reception. It was a sit down dinner with hot pink and orange table cloths and some with sequins. It was just fabulous! They had an amazing band and we danced the night away until 1 am and then they left to go to Jamaica for 10 days! Jordan sang to her at the reception and it was really sweet. It was too much fun having Cristie and Leslie in town. We were all terribly sad to see each other go! SO, here are the pics. It may take a few posts but I want you to feel like you got to be there. Love all of you gals and wish that you were here!!!!