The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My little big girl

Well, 4 months have come and gone in a great fog! I can't believe it! The second time goes faster than the first and I am sure the 3rd is faster than the second...but I am going to leave that up to others to tell me. My little precious Mary Katelyn, after getting up 6 times 2 nights ago, slept from 11-6 last night! The beauty fo the 4 month check up is that you can start on cereal!!! Oh bless the Lord for cereal! Sleep has at last come and now I feel as though I can conquer the world again! I know this may not be a forever thing, but do you know that I have not slept through the night in over a year!! and since she has been here we have been up on average 2-3 times a night still for 1 hr at a time. YEAH Mary Kate!!! This is a pic of her last night before she got cereal, she did not feel well (shots) so she is not her normal happy self. But she could not get that cereal down fast enough. They say to feed it to them until they turn away, b/c babies, unlike me, know when to stop and when they are full. Well, this little pumkin ate 2 bowls!!! Bless her heart, she has just been hungry! So here are the 4 month stats....height 25 inch (74%), weight 14.375 (62%) and head circumference 42.5 cm (85%). Yeah Mary Kate! My precious little one!

I can't post without mentioning my bella, she has been behaving much better (not perfect, but better) in the past few days..thank you Lord. This pic of her is from her bringing me the camera and saying "here mom, hold this in case you need to take a picture of me" and then she posed until I shot one...that girl LOVES the spotlight! The other is me and my little Valentines! Sweetest gifts I know. (bella was NOT happy about having to stop playing to take a Valentine pic with mommy)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A glimpse of why...

As several of you know, I have really been struggling with my precious Bella the past few months. She is one of the most strong willed kids I have ever been around. It has been very difficult, especially with a new baby, to give her the time and attention that she requires. Well, in my struggle with her from last week, I have cried out to the Lord b/c I am at my breaking point. And then He shows me why she has this bold and tenasious personality. Thursday, James came back to finish up laying the wood plank in the kitchen. We were trying to get out the door for school and as I was packing Mary Kate up, I hear Bella in her boldness ministering to James. She took her bible and opened it up to him and began, "James, do you know that the Bible is the true word of God?" He continued to work and said yes, as most people do with 3 yr olds. SHe then proceeded, "did you know that Jesus lives in my heart? He loves me so Very much!" Then she began flipping through her Bible and showing him stories of Noah and ANgels. He looked through it with her for just a bit but proceeeded on to his work. I pray she planted the great seed in him. I know that I struggle daily with directing her in the right path. I feel like all I do all day long is discipline and fight to direct her in a heart of obedience. But this moment was a small glimpse from God showing me why He gave her this strong personality. It is to minister to others and spread His word with great boldness. I continue to pray that I direct her in the way of Him and her great passion is used to His glory!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Airport it and hate it!

I was so pumped today b/c my mom and dad are on their way to Aspen and were connecting in Dallas and had a 1 1/2 hour lay over. I was sad that Kevin and I do not get to go this year to ski with them but next year we will be SO on our game and ready to hit the slopes! So, the girls and I planned to meet them at the baggage claim beside their departing gate to Colorado so they could come out for about 45 min and we could see each other. Well, Pres Bush decided to fly into the Nashville airport this morning delaying their flight for over an hour. Did you know they shut the entire airport down when he comes to town?? I do love my President and appreciate that they try to keep everyone safe in the airports but why this time did he choose to delay their flight : ( So they did not have time to come out and of coarse security after tears and begging would not let me go behind the glass just for a hug. So, as they ran across the airport to catch their flight, me and the girls stood by the glass and waved. I will say it was the most pitiful sight for us to have hand to hand through the glass and that being as close as we could get..stupid terrorist. I miss the days where it was safe for anyone to go to the gate and greet your family and friends! So after our seconds of seeing each other across the window pane, we said our goodbyes and the girls and I strolled our way back to the car with sad little eyes.

Here is a recent pic (for you mom and dad) that I took so that you can get a better look. Bella continues to challenge me daily to be a better mom and Mary Kate has yet to sleep through the night but she is always so happy to see me so I still smile at 11, 1, 4 and 6 as we continue to have our bonding time. SHe is rolling and scooting everywhere! I can't take my eyes off of her. And Bella takes the liberty of picking her up whenever she pleases...very scary.

We are heading to TN Feb 25-Mar 2 and would love to meet up with friends! Hope to see you then! Love you all to pieces!!!

Ready for normal...

SO, the miller family has been in complete craziness the past 6 weeks. As of yesterday, we have most of the remodling done. We still have the kitchen and bedrooms to go, but they are soon to follow. This is what we have been living in....half of the house has been boxed up and we are now about to unpack the playroom/den and dining room and now pack up the kitchen and bedrooms to be completed. I am SO ready to have my home back. It is so chaotic, it makes me feel like my whole life is in chaos. But on a positive note...I LOVE my new floors and carpet! We not only did the floors but had to re-sheetrock in the playroom and utility room. And we repainted and textured the walls. Here are some after pics...