The Millers

Kevin, Elizabeth,Isabella and Mary Katelyn Miller are above all a Kingdom devoted family. Our family exists to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom. We are very blessed with amazing family and friends to support us in our life.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lots of laughs with my priss pot!

So, Bella cracks me up everyday! Last night I was putting her to bed and attempting to read her a book while she continued to attempt seat drops on the bed. After the second or so attempt, I said,"isabella, if you do not sit on your bottom I will turn out the lights and walk out of this room." She came and snuggled next to me and began in song (her fave thing to do) and said "the more we work together, together, together, the happier we'll be". SO I cracked up and she sat for maybe not even 1 minute and stood up again and I said "Isabella" and she said in her stern mommy imitation "you gonna turn out the lights and walk right out of this room". Again, I laugh. How do you discipline when they are so funny?? THis is my most difficult challenge b/c I laugh all day long!
I started thinking the other day about how I love seeing traits of myself and Kevin in her. I have to tell myself all of the time that she has some of my traits b/c I might explode hearing how much she is "just like Kevin" all of the time! But no one here knew me as a child, so I guess, she will always be a little Kevin in TX. But she is just so trait : ) I picked her up from school this week and the teachers were laughing b/c they had made paper hats for the kids and Bella would not wear hers. SHe told Ms Lisa, "I can't wear that, it will mess up my hair". And on the kids lunch plates at school they write their names on them so they get their own lunch. Instead of hers saying "Bella" it appropriatly said "princess of the universe". At least she has made herself known : ) SO she gets the prissy from me and she is fearless like her dad! I will turn my head for one second and she has climbed up some wall onto a table or swinging from the mantle over the fireplace. Yikes! But then my heart was led to think of the traits that I see of Christ in her already. She is a Wonderful encourager. She cheers for me everytime I go to the potty and always tells me what a great job I am doing at something. She has great compassion and is so full of life. Her joy is contagious. She sings about Jesus everywhere we go and I I just love how she maybe ministering to someone in the grocery and she is not ashamed to claim His name! So now when I see traits of her, I hope she is not just like me or just like Kevin but Just like Christ!